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What is 'Gashapon'?

1. Gashapon is a SD Gundam Capsule Fighter mini-game that gives players a chance to win random items. In Japan, Gashapon are machines that dispense little capsules with toys and items – the name Gashapon is a reference to this.

Attention, Pilots!

- Some items have a lower chance of being acquired than others. Play Web Gashapon at your own risk.
- OGPlanet is neither responsible nor liable for your loss as a result of playing Gashapon.

Main Prize

Infinite Justice Gundam (METEOR)

SR Rank

Hyaku Shiki Custom

S Rank

Master Gundam

S Rank

Launcher Strike E Gundam (Lucas Custom)

AS Rank

Gadessa (Revive's Custom)

A Rank

Gundam + B Parts

BR Rank

Minor Prize

Hangar Expander x1

Pilgrim's Paints x1

Kusanagi Coupon x1

Operator D2 (3 Days) x1

Developed by SOFTMAX / Published by OGPlanet

Bandai Softmax OGPlanet