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What is 'Gashapon'?

1. Gashapon is a SD Gundam Capsule Fighter mini-game that gives players a chance to win random items. In Japan, Gashapon are machines that dispense little capsules with toys and items – the name Gashapon is a reference to this.

Attention, Pilots!

- Some items have a lower chance of being acquired than others. Play Web Gashapon at your own risk.
- OGPlanet is neither responsible nor liable for your loss as a result of playing Gashapon.

Main Prize

Gundam F91

S Rank

Victory 2 Assault Gundam

S Rank

Build Strike Gundam (Enhanced Beam Rifle)

AS Rank

4th Gundam (Bst)

AR Rank

Jagd Doga (Quess Paraya Custom)

BS Rank

Prototype Gundam

BR Rank

Minor Prize

Hangar Expander x1

Pumpkin Season Paints x1

Archangel Coupon x1

Operator F2 (3 days) x1

Developed by SOFTMAX / Published by OGPlanet

Bandai Softmax OGPlanet